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GoGrow Initiative                                                    August 2016

 The foundation - The focus of Plattsmouth Bible Church is Jesus Christ, His glory, and His Kingdom as we go and grow. Our motto is:


HIS Glory - HIS Kingdom


The frame - In response to the Spirit of God, we act on the realization that the church has a mission of discipleship, proclaiming the message of the gospel. Involvement in accomplishing the mission and proclaiming the message results in glory for Jesus Christ and the growth of His Kingdom. This never changes.

 “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who try to build it.”

Psalm 127:1

The “house” referred to is the Kingdom of God/the Church. Unless the Lord Himself builds His Kingdom, we won’t be effective at all. This has little to do with church buildings and ministry space – and we cannot allow those things to become our focus. As God works, and we focus on Jesus Christ, His glory and His Kingdom, HE will provide for those things.

 As Plattsmouth Bible Church stands on the foundation and God works through us, the frame and the structure will take shape and stand strong. At this point, we do not see clearly what next steps God wants us to take, but we do see His principles of growth (John 12:24-26). The following phases may be what God uses to accomplish growth through PBC. Even if not these specific phases, Jesus will BE glorified and His glory will be SEEN, God will grow His Kingdom, Jesus will build His Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18).

The finishing

As the Lord builds this “house,” we have certain goals in several areas of church life that we desire to see God’s action, based on our foundation and the frame He has put in place. What are our long term plans/goals - things for the PBC family to pray about and aim for - as we focus on Jesus? Here are a few of those areas and goals.



-       God created mankind to be involved with Himself in relationship. He also created mankind to be involved with one another in relationships. Thus, the Greatest Commandment – “love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength,” and the second is like it, “love your neighbor as yourself.” As PBC builds on the foundation of Jesus Christ, one clear outcome is that the people of Jesus will gather together for growth, encouragement, spurring on, and doing the “one anothers” of the New Testament.

-       Because of the glory of Jesus being evident, we are praying that within one year, at least 75% of the PBC family will be involved in community groups, focusing on Jesus Christ, His glory, and His Kingdom.



-       We will develop and implement a Connection Workshop, replacing the current membership class, in order to move all PBC toward understanding of the foundation and the frame and involvement in the finishing. Over the course of a regularly-offered  several-week session, Connection Workshop participants will interact on the following issues:

- Awareness and understanding of the Gospel (our message)

- Awareness and understanding of Disciple-making (our mission)

- Awareness and understanding of the vital importance of the Church (universal and local)

- Awareness and understanding of the biblical concept of community

- Awareness and understanding of intentional involvement in sharing the message and fulfilling the mission and obedience to Jesus Christ for His glory and the expansion of His Kingdom



God has given PBC great opportunities and ministry possibilities to be effective in Plattsmouth and our area through the food pantry, clothing giveaway, youth ministry, and many other activities we have done in the past and anticipate in the future. The foundation of Jesus Christ, His glory, His Kingdom moves us to have effective and eternal impact on more and more people. In order to allow for that kind of ministry, the following phases of building/space growth are part of our plan.

- Phase 1 – Connection with people in our community for the purpose of introducing them to Jesus is the goal. Casting the net in many different areas of assistance and service – and using a suitable facility to assist – will be vital. Pray for God’s provision, locate and obtain space for youth/outreach immediately. All dollar amounts are anticipated – God will provide for His work. (rental or purchase – $0 - $50,000)

- Phase 2 – As the harvest is brought in, as people come to faith in Jesus and are discipled, and as we petition God for His provision, we will purchase land for expansion (consider plot on Webster Blvd or other farmland – the timing of this is fully connected with the growth of the ministry need, but a general time-frame would be by the end of 2017). ($0 - $100,000)

- Phase 3 - Construct youth/outreach center on the new PBC campus - sell previous space/facility when the new facility is ready (Phase 1 property – the 1602 property may be retained for weddings and other use – see below). The ultimate goal is to build God’s Kingdom and serve both His people and those not yet His in our area. ($0 - $100,000)

- Phase 4 - Construct a new church building on PBC campus for serving new followers of Jesus because of work done in the framing aspect of the GoGrow Initiative. ($0 - $250,000) Determination of what to do with 1602 property will be prayerfully decided prior to this phase.

   August 28, 2016, our Sunday morning gathering laid out the foundation, the framing and God’s leading and our devotion to God using each of us at PBC in the mission of discipleship and sharing the message of the gospel, which will bring about the finishing. Hebrews 10:25 will also be a focus – stirring one another up to love and good deeds.



o   Ministry leaders meeting, August 20, 2016 for initial introduction and interaction – “buy in” so that ministries are led to pursue Jesus Christ, His glory, and His Kingdom

o   Regular training and refresher times for both ministry leaders and ministry participants

o   Ministry descriptions connected to the GoGrow Initiative for distribution to ministry participants, with training and interaction from ministry leaders.

o   Regular prayer and training with overseers and ministries, seeking God’s glory and work through us